NNSA: Lab contract could be awarded by May

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By Tris DeRoma

The contract worth more than $2 billion annually to operate and manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory could be awarded as soon as April or May, according to publicly available documents from the National Nuclear Security Administration. 

All bids are now finalized for the contract, according to press reports. 

The University of California announced  it had finalized its bid for the contract Friday, according to University of California Media Specialist Stephanie Beechem. 

“We have submitted our final bid, just like the other teams,” Beechem said. 

“It’s my understanding that all teams have submitted their final bids at this time,” a spokesperson for the University of California wrote in an email to Weapons Complex Morning Briefing earlier this week.

Beechem could not reveal any background information on the nature of their bid. 

The University of California managed the lab for most of the 70 years it has existed, until it partnered in 2006 with a consortium that included Bechtel National, AECOM and BWX Technologies. 

Other organizations that have submitted bids include the University of Texas System, Texas A&M, and Purdue University. According to press reports, Bechtel National has partnered with Purdue for the contract, and BWX Technologies may be partnering with Texas A&M.

In its Question and Answers document dated Oct. 25, 2017, the National Nuclear Security Administration said it wanted a clearly defined, four month transition period, starting from September. 

“While NNSA is not able to provide a detailed procurement schedule at this time, NNSA is committed to ensuring a contract is awarded in time to allow a four month transition before the current contract expires on September 30, 2018,” a statement in the document read.