NNSA announces quarterly awards

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The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Defense Programs today announced the recipients of the Defense Programs’ Employee of the Quarter Awards.
And two entities with Los Alamos connections were honored.
Jesús T. Romero, Los Alamos Site Office, is recognized for leading the site technical efforts to upgrade the Los Alamos National Laboratory Plutonium Facility (PF-4) safety basis and address the post-seismic fire accident scenario in a technically defensible manner.
Drag Strut Team, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), is recognized for designing, validating and installing the PF-4 roof drag strut modification at LANL. Every individual on this team contributed to the completion of this complicated effort within six months from conception to completion.
“I am once again proud to announce the Defense Programs Employee of the Quarter Awards and praise the hard work being done by the men and women throughout the national security enterprise,” said Don Cook, NNSA’s Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs. “We are fortunate to have dedicated professionals who contribute directly to the many successes that NNSA Defense Programs have achieved this quarter.”
Recipients of the awards are recognized for going beyond the call of duty in supporting the mission of NNSA’s Defense Programs.
The selection of the recipients is determined at each site following its own specific criteria. The rest of the recipients are as follows:
Jerry Wienberg, Kansas City Site Office (KCSO), is recognized for leading the FY 2011 contractor performance evaluation and reporting process and supporting KCSO management in the contractor award fee determination recommendation.  
Herb Mirfasihi, Kansas City Plant, is recognized for teaming with Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Intelligence and Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) sites to develop the Technical Assessment Translation Services Program.
This program reaches out to native language speakers within the NSE to provide technical translation services supported by a work for others program.  
Kevin Arnold, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, is recognized for coordinating one of the most significant outages in the history of the facility, Project Y567, Purge Stripper/Z-Bed Recovery Piping Upgrades.
Tim Smith, Savannah River Site Office, is recognized for coordinating and facilitating the NNSA and Environmental Management Savannah River Site response and action plan concerning the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board letter, SRS Meteorological and surface roughness issue and subsequent development of DOE technical policy and guidance.
Mike Collins, Nevada Site Office (NSO), is recognized for developing and enhancing the NNSA/NSO Tracking and Trending Program positively affecting overall quality in the area of Performance Assurance.
Shaw Takeuchi, National Security Technologies, is recognized for bringing the Intelligence Community together to cooperate and train as a team to help prevent a cyber 9/11-type event.
Donald W. Roberts, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), is recognized for leading a multidisciplinary, international team in the first-ever Insensitive High Explosive velocimetry pin hydrotest in LLNL’s Contained Firing Facility at Site 300.
Andrew Tai, Livermore Site Office (LSO), is recognized for providing valuable contributions to the complex-wide cyber security risk management framework, and continuous monitoring initiatives that contributed significantly to greater efficiency and effectiveness in LSO security operations.
Shane Feagan, Pantex, is recognized for creating new and improved employee engagement initiatives to increase awareness and timely response of management and workers to operational conditions that could potentially impact the operational performance of Pantex Plant.
Jaelyn Q. Herrera, Pantex Site Office, is recognized for identifying areas of improvement and successfully anticipating actions to mitigate the risk in the contractor budget organization.
Sara Pecak, Sandia National Laboratories, is recognized for her work as the Product Realization Team lead for the B61 Life Extension Program capacitive discharge unit firing set at Sandia.
Veronica Martinez, Sandia Site Office, is recognized for providing outstanding coverage for Sandia critiques and causal analysis of the first quarter events pertaining to Z machine.
Kevin Dyer, Y-12 National Security Complex, is recognized for ensuring all production work within the Stockpile Systems Program at Y-12 is accomplished on time and in accordance with program requirements.
Dave McGinty, Y-12 Site Office, is recognized for his outstanding contributions in a recent effort to replace an Enhanced Laser Gas Sampling System with a new Non Destructive Laser Gas Sampling System at Y-12.