NMPW hosts book launch

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Press Womens’ history celebrated

By Special to the Monitor

The New Mexico Press Women will host the release of its new book, “A History of New Mexico Press Women (1949-2009),” from 2-4 p.m. Oct. 2 at the Flying Star Restaurant on Silver and 8th Street SW in Albuquerque.
The book chronicles the organization’s 60-year history.
Where did the association come from?
The answer to that question is imperative if the group is to know where they are going. At a time when journalism and mass communications is being revolutionized by electronic media, the answer is more important than ever.
Perhaps that’s why Sandy Schauer and Denise Tessier, both NMPW historians, undertook the compilation of NMPW’s history. Perhaps they just wanted to retain that history in a form for future journalists and historians for whatever reason they needed.
In any event, “A History of New Mexico Press Women (1949-2009),” grew out of the interest of Schauer and Tessier to preserve what they know of their organization.
Schauer had first compiled a history, produced as a booklet in 1984. Five years later, she updated her history of NMPW and delivered it to members at the Las Vegas conference in 1990, commemorating the organization’s 40th anniversary.
When Tessier joined the task, it was to update that booklet and add the remaining years. It became a truly collaborative and volunteer effort, resulting in the 60th anniversary volume.
“A History of New Mexico Press Women (1949-2009)” chronicles NMPW, providing complete lists of officers, Communicator and Women of Achievement award winners and Zia Award winners, among whom Tessier said, “are the outstanding women authors of New Mexico.”
Year by year and decade by decade, the book documents NMPW’s history, showing how, from a dinner meeting in 1949 that led to NMPW’s first formal meeting in April 1950, it grew into a powerful support organization.
NMPW strove to improve salaries and recognition of women in journalism. It grew out of the Albuquerque Women’s Press Club and expanded to become a statewide group.
One of its first objectives was to affiliate itself with the National Federation of Press Women.
This is what the new book presents and, according to Tessier, shows, “We have some real pioneers in our group.”
Schauer and Tessier will be on hand to sign copies of the book.
The retail cost of the book is $14.95 and is available from Amazon.