NJROTC student puts knowledge into action

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By Kirsten Laskey

An emergency situation can leap out at any time, anywhere with out any warning. For instance, Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJRTOC) cadet Paige Ramsey and her family experienced an unforeseen crisis at the dinner table.

Ramsey explained her family was eating dinner and her mother, Marilyn, started choking on the food she was eating.

When an unforeseen crisis arises many individuals may panic but Ramsey resorted to another tactic.

She performed the Heimlich Maneuver and saved her mother’s life.

Ramsey explained she learned the Heimlich at NJROTC and the Leadership Academy, which was held last summer in El Paso, Texas.

“It felt great that I could actually apply what I had learned to a real situation,” Ramsey said.

She wasn’t the only one to feel pride.

Ramsey said her mother was really happy that she was there and had had that training because her mother probably would have choked to death.

Additionally, Ramsey’s NJROTC instructors “were really proud that I took what I learned in the program and I applied it to save someone’s life.”

GySgt. Bret Painter commented, “I think it’s great that our cadets pay attention in the classroom, learn what’s being taught and then apply it to the real world.”

Ramsey has been in the NJROTC for four years. “I decided to become involved in the ROTC program because my father was in the Navy and I wanted to have the same core values that he does,” she explained.

Ramsey added, “It helps you learn skills that you will need later in life.”

She hopes this experience gives people a clear view of what the NJROTC and the military are capable of offering.

“I think this experience shows that everyone in the military saves lives - we don’t just take them,” Ramsey said.