New ways to prevent crime

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Residents can now access official crime data

By Carol A. Clark

Because police cannot be on every corner in the community, the Los Alamos Police Department has partnered with Crime Reports, creators of the National Crime Map, to help residents provide additional eyes and ears in the fight against crime.

It’s natural to wonder what’s going on when police flashing lights are spotted in a neighborhood and to know how safe a neighborhood really is.

“Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one of our top priorities,” Chief Wayne Torpy said. “Partnering with CrimeReports gives us the ability to keep the public informed on a regular basis as to what is going on in the community.”

Torpy added that the map will be updated every 24 hours and that citizens can sign up for free crime e-mail alerts.

“Information is power,” Torpy said, “and we hope that giving the community this information will help them prevent crime in their neighborhoods.”

Community members can access neighborhood crime data in near-real time, empowering them to make informed decisions to avoid becoming victims and to prevent and reduce crime, he said.

Residents can sign up to receive alerts for any or all types of crime including assault, breaking and entering, homicide, proactive policing, property crime, quality of life, robbery, sexual offense, theft,  theft from vehicle, theft of vehicle, traffic and vehicle recovery.

Law enforcement agencies remove victim identification as part of the data publishing process. Victim identities are further protected because exact street addresses are converted to the block level such as the 1400 block of Diamond Drive.

Founder and CEO of CrimeReports Greg Whisenant describes the Los Alamos Police Department as “a leader in law enforcement innovation.”

“They are demonstrating their commitment to the community, to proactive policing and fiscal responsibility,” Whisenant said.

The LAPD is joining a list of nearly 600 other law enforcement agencies of all sizes across North America who are sharing their crime information with the public through the map including Baltimore, Boston, San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, Washington D.C., Los Angeles County and others.

CrimeReports is free to the public and includes automated e-mail crime alerts.

Access the local crime map and sign up for daily, weekly or monthly email crime alerts at www.CrimeReports.com or at the Los Alamos Police Department’s Web site at www.losalamosnm.us.