New taxes in Santa Fe protested

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Former governor, GOP candidate team up and protest new taxes

By Special to the Monitor

SANTA FE – Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner teamed up earlier today to protest any new taxes at the state capitol.

“Tax increases only reward reckless spending and make it tougher for small businesses to succeed and for families to make ends meet,” Turner said in  a news release.

“New Mexico does not need another politician in the governor’s office who doesn’t understand that higher taxes hurt both small business and struggling families.”

Turner also said he believes that bureaucrats have not kept their promises to balance the state’s budget.

“New Mexicans cannot afford more taxes to pay for the mistakes of career politicians. The answer to fixing broken government isn’t higher taxes.” Turner stated. “The answer is fixing broken government.”

In addition to opposing the use of tax increases to address New Mexico’s budget crisis, Turner and Johnson also believe excess spending will only make the budget problem worse.

“Small business is the heartbeat of American ingenuity and one of the sources for our future economic recovery,” Johnson said. “Government should create a climate that encourages entrepreneurship, development of new ideas and job growth.”

In seven years, New Mexico has gone from a budget surplus to a budget deficit that could reach as much as $700 million.