New business concept opens in White Rock

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Concept: Hive hopes to create a buzz as co-work hub

By The Staff

William is an inventor. Janet is a crafter. Bill is a sales rep.  Jonathon operates a business from his home.  Alejandro is a lab researcher who is developing a technology idea in his spare time.  Luann is the president of an active club.  

One thing they all have in common is that they can now find services at White Rock’s newest business – The Hive.  

The Hive, located at 134 State Road 4 between Metzger’s and Del Norte Credit Union combines co-work space, meeting rooms, community project space, and equipped user facilities available for use by the day or month.  Wi-Fi and a selection of coffees and teas are available to users and guests making the Hive a workplace with some of the amenities of a café (rather than a café where people try to work).

The Hive is an initiative of High Mesa Institutes-Los Alamos, a 501c3 non-profit formed for research and educational purposes.  “HMI-LA was conceived as a flexible platform for conducting research and educational activities in the community, and the Hive is intended to be a user facility supporting that mission,” said Kevin Holsapple, a member of the High Mesa Board.  

“The Hive is a live experiment aimed at discovering whether an underutilized building can be repurposed to support a co-work community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent inventors, innovators, startups, small businesses, big company telecommuters, field workers, and other laptop nomads who have grown accustomed to working alone at home or in crowded coffee shops.  We also want to test the idea of whether such a business can work in White Rock.”  

In addition to co-working space, the Hive offers shared user facilities with light lab capabilities, an equipped mechanical prototyping lab, an electronics lab, and general project space that can be accessed on a short-term basis.  

“We have people telling us all the time that they need access to these kinds of facilities, so we are going to see how true that may be,” Holsapple noted.  The Hive also features multiple meeting spaces of different sizes to accommodate a variety of needs.

Co-working is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, co-workers are often not employed by the same organization. Typically, co-working can be attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, salespeople and other professionals who are visiting a community, or other people who are visiting to do work or hold meetings.  

Co-working adds a social aspect to work for these kinds of people and frequently leads to identification of the synergies that can be derived from working with talented people in the same space.  A 2011 survey by deskmag.com found most co-workers are currently in their late 20’s to late 30’s, with an average age of 34 years. Two-thirds are men, one third are women. Four in five co-workers started their career with a university education. The majority work now in the field of creative industries and new media. And slightly more than half of all co-workers are freelancers.  However, the share of salaried employees has been increasing since larger companies have started to experiment with co-working, especially in the U.S., where 35% work as salaried employees.

Another aspiration of the Hive is to enhance connectivity between talented but underutilized people resources in the community.  

Imagine that a person undertaking a project needs technical or other expertise that they do not possess.  The Hive will be a resource for helping to find and connect needed talent from the ranks of retired workers and “trailing spouses” in order to fill those gaps.  

Dave Jones, the Steward of The Hive is the person charged with working to help those connections to happen.  Dave brings connectivity and experience to this position from his many entrepreneurial experiences including Jomar Systems, Inc. and Los Alamos Renewable Energy, LLC, and SOLAREC, Inc. – entrepreneurial enterprises in the area.

“I wish this facility and pool of expertise had been available sooner,” says Jones.  “It would have reduced the cost of starting and operating the enterprises I have been involved in.  It would also have accelerated our start-ups and helped us to be more efficient.  Lower costs and greater efficiencies translate into being able to be more responsive to customers and more competitive.”  Jones said that The Hive will draw on resources available through High Mesa Institutes and Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation to assist enterprise to get started, grow, and succeed.

The Hive also expects to host a variety of events both private and public.  Two events are already scheduled for December.  Sunday December 4th TEDx New Mexico will meet to share ideas from the realm of technology, education, and design.  Thursday, December 8th there will be an open house from noon until 5 p.m. followed by a ribbon cutting event.  All interested members of the public are invited to both events.  

The Hive is located at 134 State Road 4 in White Rock. The Hive opens for business Monday, Nov. 21.  The beginning hours of operation are noon to 7 p.m. Monday- Saturday.  Extended hours and 24/7 access is available by prior arrangement or by purchasing a monthly plan.  Contact Dave at thehive505@gmail.com or 505-695-2017 for further information.

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