A new-age 'Gong Show'

It’s like modern-day “Gong Show,” but maybe not quite as entertaining. That’s how one might describe NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Contestants vie for the $1 million prize and a shot at a regular show in Las Vegas, Nev. So far this season, all types have taken the stage in hopes of winning the big prize. Just like on the “Gong Show,” everyone from jugglers and comedians to animal acts, dancers, magician and even a rifle drill team has auditioned for Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandell and Howard Stern.

Some acts are lame, some acts (like the kid  and animal acts) are cute. Others are clearly a waste of the judges’ time. None, however, compare to the man known as Horse. His act is unique in that he doesn’t sing or dance or have a talent, for that matter. He got passed on to the next stage in the competition because of his ability to withstand repeated kicks — and hits with various objects — to the groin. It’s still unclear what makes this a talent, or entertaining for that matter, but the judges seem to find it amusing enough to keep passing him through.

One can only imagine how much abuse this man will be able to take before he finally passes out or gets seriously injured. Not to mention if by chance he did win the grand prize, what exactly is he planning on doing for a Vegas show? Who would pay money to see him get kicked and hit?

 It’s interesting to think what goes through peoples’ minds when they decide to audition for a show like this. Some contestants are talented, but some are not. Do these people actually think they have a talent that they need to share with America? Or do they know they are talentless and feel like it’s worth a shot, on the off chance that they might advance and maybe even win $1 million? It remains a mystery. One thing is for sure, some of the untalented people are pretty entertaining to watch. There’s been more than one hot mess on that show. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe it’s all about entertainment.