Never their fault

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Whah, whah, whah. Mr. Bill Miera is just another business owner who doesn’t want to pay his fair share.
People like him have all kinds of eloquent reasoning as to why they’re businesses are failing and it’s NEVER their own fault.
It’s always that they have to pay taxes and give their workers a decent minimum wage salary.
I’d really like Mr. Miera and any other business owner who doesn’t like taxes and wages to open their books to me.
Guaranteed, I’ll find that they are making basic bad business decisions like taking the company profits as their salary instead of putting profits back into the business or just paying themselves too much.
Bottom line is these business owners don’t want to give up their twice a year month long Bahama vacations.
They don’t want to give up their Lexus or Beamer for a Ford or Chevy. And they want to live in a million dollar home instead of a $150,000 home.
Pure greed is behind all the whah, whah, whah from businesses about taxes and wages.
This isn’t just a rant. I’ve personally known eight business owners who were making money hand over fist and went bankrupt and closed because of basic bad business practices.

Greg White
Los Alamos 

Sure, I'll open my books to

Sure, I'll open my books to you so you can show me where I am making money "hand over Fist" cause I can't find it. nottus07@msn.com