Neighbors voice support for Ahlers

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We have known Gary Ahlers and his family for more than six years. Gary served as president of our neighborhood homeowners’ association for several years. On many occasions he was asked to resolve issues involving landscape or construction according to the covenants. He was always very fair in resolving these issues. He took his role as president seriously and thoroughly examined both sides of the issue before making decisions.
Gary and his family are wonderful neighbors and outstanding citizens of our community. Gary offered to look at our sump pump when it wasn’t working correctly and helped us with several emergency construction issues. We know other neighbors who have called him for repair emergencies. He snow plowed the neighborhood sidewalks and several elderly neighbors’ driveways many times throughout the winter.
Gary is very dedicated to his family and the community. We always see him involved in youth activities such as soccer, track and Sunday school. He has served as a soccer coach, referee for the Los Alamos High School basketball team and as a track official. As referee he did an outstanding job and was always fair in his decisions.
Gary can be seen working in his driveway on floats for parades or helping his kids practice basketball. He is always friendly and kind to his neighbors and is a great father to his children. His wife Joanie is also an outstanding citizen, dedicating many hours as school board vice-president.
Nearly everyone knows about the incidents and charges that were brought against Gary many years ago in New Jersey. Gary has already adequately explained the circumstances behind these charges. Anyone who still has questions should address them directly to Gary rather than falling victim to the dirty politics that has been injected into this campaign by his political opponents. If you talk to Gary you will find that he is a man of integrity and good character. We ask the community to please be fair in judging Gary Ahlers as we know he would be fair in judging you. We think he would be an excellent Los Alamos County Magistrate Court Judge. We heartily endorse his candidacy. We know he will do an outstanding job.
Kristin and Neal Pederson
Los Alamos