Nearby burns scheduled for Monday

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By The Staff

Officials from the Valles Caldera National Preserve and Santa Fe National Forest are planning a pair of prescribed burns in the local area.
Burns in the area could start as early as Monday, according to caldera and National Forest officials.
At the VCNP, a burn will take place within about an 2,300-acre project area in the Banco Bonito district, near mile marker 30 off N.M. 4.
The caldera burn will could take between 3-10 days to complete, depending on conditions.
Meanwhile, starting early next week, the SFNF has plans for burns about 15 miles north of Los Alamos in a 2,500-acre treatment area, which is expected to take two or three days to complete. Additionally, another burn will take place in the Cuba Ranger District area, although that will be located in a smaller treatment area.
All the planned burns will get rid of dead forest fuels and pre-cut limbs and other debris.
For the burn at the VCNP, officials warn of possible traffic delays on N.M. 4, as well as for visibility issues for drivers.
Both the caldera and the Santa Fe National Forest officials warn of potential health hazards to those with allergies, chemical sensitivities or cardiorespiratory issues.
Smoke will likely be visible from the Los Alamos town site from both the burns at the caldera and in the Espanola Ranger District.
For information on the health impacts of smoke, the public can call the state Department of Health at 888-878-8992. For more information on the burns themselves, interested persons can visit NMFireinfo.com.