Neal statement

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By Arin McKenna

BPU board chair Timothy Neal provided the following statement regarding his actions on July 8.
“Before public comment, immediately following my statements on behalf of the Board and presentation of Department arguments by DPU managers, I announced that because of the unusual situation of the board receiving three new members simultaneously, I wished to speak on behalf of the new Board. Even though the new board had not yet met, I told council tiered water rates would be on their agenda. Citing recent data from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, I explained that the desired 6 pecent revenue increase would probably not be achieved and suggested the approach to the rate structure be given to the new Board for review. Based on DPU information I had received that the water budget was not in serious trouble, I noted that implementation of the new structure could be delayed as much as two months. During public comment, I spoke about inequality aspects as an individual. Now that the decision has been made by council, we are implementing it and the subject is completed.”

Neal's statement

Mr. Neal simply refuses to admit defeat or accept the limitations of his role. Having failed to persuade the board to his point of view, he used his position as Chair to attempt to sabotage the board's decision before the council. In his position as Chair his duty was to present the board's decision with a balanced presentation of their reasoning. When some members of the council politely questioned him about this glaring dereliction of his duty, he fabricated this theory about speaking on behalf of the new board out of thin air. There's no basis in law or parliamentary procedure for this theory.

The Board chooses its own chair. One can only hope the board will take appropriate action.

George Chandler