Nation needs to make noise about nuke security

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By The Staff

Sad to say, Russia has it right when it comes to outlining the failed security at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The President of the United States has been adequately warned — as have all of Congress ­— about this serious threat against America, yet they remain mute and do nothing.

And that is Republican, Democrat and Independents.

This issue is not about politics.

It is the protection of these United States of America that we love.

Thus,while Washington fiddles, the ever-growing and present enemy gets closer and closer to our borders to unleash a nuclear weapon upon our beloved homeland.

 The threat of a nuclear holocaust is no longer about a nuclear war with Russia or China, but the risk of nuclear terrorism.

If terrorists get their hands on highly enriched uranium look out America.

And it is the highly enriched uranium that NNSA warned Los Alamos about in February, 2009, when they concluded that Los Alamos was not keeping track of their highly enriched uranium stockpile.

It was so bad that NNSA stated they may have to shut Los Alamos down.

That is recent history, and that is exactly the types of failures I am talking about and what Russia chastises, mocks and ridicules us about.

 Time for America to get serious about our national secrets and do whatever it takes to protect it from the enemy.  As long as money, power and ego rules Washington, D.C., this threat will exist.



Glenn A. Walp


“Implosion At Los Alamos”