Naming names is important

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As I read the Sunday Los Alamos Monitor with excitement on the ‘Toppers win against the Albuquerque Academy Chargers, I realized there was an important omission as I read the front page photo caption next to the photo of the homecoming court members.    
The photo caption finished by saying: “At halftime of Friday night’s game, the homecoming court also was announced.”  
This is where the omission occurred.
This would have been a great opportunity to name the members of the homecoming court — at a minimum — the names of the homecoming king and queen.
Yet — that did not happen. I am certain I am not the only Los Alamos Monitor reader who would like to see this information in print.   
So, I ask you, please run the photo again — this time with, at a minimum, the names of the homecoming king and queen.
Congratulations to the LAHS ‘Toppers athletic teams on this week’s successes.
Also, I want to congratulate the 2011 Homecoming King and Queen, Ben Schilling and Jordan George.
Linda Nelson
White Rock