Name says it all

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In response to recent proposals to name the new Municipal Building after Jeanette Wallace, I am adamantly opposed to any such idea. I was on the original relocation committee, and this type of thing was never discussed.  I think the recent trend in Los Alamos to name buildings and trails after people is not good policy.  I agree with a recent editorial in the Monitor by Joel Williams that public buildings should reflect their location and purpose in the county, not serve as a monument to individuals who are supposed to selflessly deliver their services as a public servant and representative with no expectations.  Those who propose such things no doubt desire monuments in their own name; let us not encourage those desires in our public representatives.
Exceptional contributions can be celebrated by bench or tree memorials funded by those who wish to acknowledge the same, not by taxpayers.  The Los Alamos Municipal Building is a long enough title that tells one the purpose of that building. Similarly, trails should indicate the location and characteristics of the trail, not serve as useless reminders of people most of us never heard of nor care about.  However, I would be happy to pause and read a tasteful plaque set by a bench or tree.  Thank you.

Tina R. Sibbitt
Los Alamos