NADG’s plan isn’t new

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OMG! Did you see the front page of the Jan. 3 Los Alamos Monitor?  I guess I just don’t get it. Am I the only one who thinks the North American Development Group (NADG) proposal for Trinity Site is exactly what we already have?  
Just look at the drawing, come on folks, I could have come up with that for a lot less $$$. If this drawing depicts what “we” are looking for then gosh darn it plant a bunch of trees in the current Smith’s parking lot and have Smith’s expand into the property they already own.   
The exact same thing proposed by NADG can be accomplished with the area currently occupied. If this proposal is accepted, what happens to the area where Smiths is currently located? Does it become a vacant wasteland and lost revenues for those left behind?
Are we trading one area for another. At a minimum, both sides of Trinity must be considered for development, are we going to have one modern development on one side of the road and leave the old (and mostly vacant if Smith’s moves) on the other side of the road?
Here is something to think about, we now have several nice restaurants occupying the north area across from Smith’s.  I hate to see them go, but pretty soon Brownell’s will be available for a new retail or food establishment. How about making this north side a “restaurant row” and allow outdoor seating right in front of the restaurants cordoned off by additional greenery.  
To make it more pleasing to the eye, we could even revamp the outside of the restaurants to a southwestern style with open porticos in front. If we reconfigure the parking lot, we might even get more spaces. To have Smith’s expand into the rest of their space would require Beall’s and the auto store to move, why not have them fill up some of the other vacant spaces in town.
Lord knows that Beall’s needs to be updated — it’s stuck in the 50’s. It has been years and may take many more, in the meantime, until a decision is made on Trinity Site, plant some grass, put up picnic tables and use this area as a city park so that those who do visit don’t see a vast wasteland.
Here is something else to think about, one goal is to create a place that would draw visitors in. How about building a year round lodge near (on?) the ski hill with horse lodging? Utilize some of our beautiful trails year round by hikers and horse enthusiasts alike.  
Why, we could even put a posh restaurant in the lodge with a beautiful view of our town.
Oh please, don’t get me started, I am way out of the box that some prefer to stay in.
Just a thought from a citizen who cares.

Zena Thomas
Los Alamos