My View: (In)appropriate scenery

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By Andrew Li

I may never understand what a bonfire, parade, football game and dance have to do with the word “homecoming,” but it seems to be something that’s become a tradition not only for Los Alamos High School, but schools across the country. 

There are many aspects of homecoming that are open to the entire community, but since the homecoming dance is exclusive to the teen community, I’ll tackle that subject. More importantly, it’s a subject that makes students either scratch their heads or lose their temper for various reasons. One reason is the sound and music choice. Another reason is the theme and decorations each year. 

This year, the official word is out that the dance will take place in the school’s lobby, with a zombie apocalypse theme. This being reason enough for people to not even give homecoming a chance, is the part that I feel people need to man up on. 

I know where people are coming from with this. There won’t be enough space. It’ll be too cold. And I really don’t know the rest, but people crowd the commons area and block the place on a daily basis. If the zombie apocalypse theme came true and it became too crowded to run away from attacking zombies, I’ll concede on that, but the point is, Griffith Gym or lobby, the place will be mega crowded. There is no getting away from that.  

Call me crass, but I think people dancing on the top floor of the new building would be kind of fun(ny). But if I had to raise an eyebrow at one thing, yeah, it would be the zombie theme. It sounds more like a Halloween dance if anything, maybe anti-homecoming protesters should all come in costume. 

 Nevertheless, we’ve all been able to put up with change before, and I’m willing to take a chance and say the place will have minimal decorations. But if all you’re going to do upon reading this is cuss me out, take it up on YouTube or Facebook.