Municipal Building should be rebuilt

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

It was with great sadness that we saw the Municipal Building being torn down, but after seeing the drawings of the proposed buildings, we are in absolute shock.

It was our understanding from the County Council that 1) the Municipal Building needed to be replaced, 2) it would be built to look as much like the old building as possible and 3) it would be built in the same location.

After attending the information meeting Aug. 7, we saw pictures of the proposed new building for TWO different sites. Neither resembles the old building in any way.

In our opinion, the demolished building was the second must beautiful building in Los Alamos (after The Lodge).

The County Council needs to keep its promise and rebuild the Municipal Building in its original location, NOT on private land at 15th and Trinity. They also need to make sure that it looks as much like the demolished building as possible.

Don’t tell us one thing and then do another. This seems to be happening all too frequently.

Joan and Don Upham

Los Alamos