Muni building saga becoming theater of the absurd

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Even for a town as notably fractious and full of highly opinionated people as this one, the municipal building issue is becoming absurd.  
The county council chartered a whole citizen’s group to study this issue, and they met repeatedly, held public meetings, solicited input at public events and coordinated carefully with the county administration about the county’s needs, which, not surprisingly, are a lot different than they were when the original municipal building was built more than 40 years ago.  
After careful study, the group ranked the alternatives based on a number of factors and made their recommendations to the county council.
Of course some people didn’t agree.  
When has everyone in this town agreed on anything?
If we had to wait until everyone agreed, nothing would ever get done in this town.  
So it was unfortunate that the council acceded to Mr. (Richard) Hannamann’s minority petition and reopened the issue.
In fact, it was pretty much a slap in the face to all those people on the citizen’s group who freely gave so much of their time to serve.  
Now the council has postponed the issue again and undertaken an expensive (mail-out ballot) election to get citizen input, once again.
I suppose, however the election comes out, someone will oppose that result, too.
Then to make the whole issue even more absurd, we hear that Councilor (Vincent) Chiravalle proposes to introduce an ordinance to force the result the election is supposed to determine, thereby bypassing everyone.
Can this get any more absurd?
It sure would be nice if the council simply showed some political backbone, cancelled this expensive election, defeated Councilor Chiravalle’s absurd ordinance and got on with building the municipal building where the county administration and citizen’s group originally suggested.
Yes, there would be a vocal minority who didn’t like that.
In this town, what else would one expect?

Bill Godwin
Los Alamos