Much appreciation on this first week in May

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Oh My Goodness, May is here.
It seems like just a few weeks ago the Back to School supplement was out and we were underway, in a new school year.
It is almost time to get ready for summer, hooray and some time off for so many.
Last night, a pride of the Mountain Lions parent population attended an internet safety session to prepare for some additional free time.
Los Alamos Middle School Librarian Lisa Whitacre and Assets In Action provided some information on tips to consider for elementary, middle and high school parents.
Simple guidelines now can help parents for the long technology road ahead.
If you would like some Internet Safety information for yourself, just give us a call.
The first full week of May should be duly noted on your calendar. May 6-10, is Teacher Appreciation week.
The elementary school parent organizations always seem to have their finger on the pulse for this, but it gets a little trickier in the upper grades.
Check out and see if your schools are doing something to acknowledge the staff. You can ask your student if they have a staff member they would like to do something special for, or at least if you know, drop them an email or a card.
It is also Nurse’s Appreciation week, during the same time frame. I have had a chance to know all of the nurse’s of the schools my children attend; Ms. Wright at Chamisa, Mrs. Webster at the middle school and Ms. Hudgins at LAHS.
They spend their days taking care of our students in a variety of ways. If your nurse has helped your student this school year, make sure you take time to appreciate them too.
If you would like to anonymously send me thoughts on your favorite teacher or nurse, drop me an email at AssetsInAction@att.net, or leave a voicemail 24 hours a day at 661-4846. If we get a good response, next week I will share some kudos.
If you don’t need to be anonymous, then tweet me or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter, also at Assets In Action.
Have a great week.
Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.