Morning traffic jam at Diamond and Sycamore

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By The Staff

A notice from the county explained a lengthy delay Thursday morning during rush hour.

The traffic bottleneck on Diamond Drive between 7:30 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. was caused mostly by a single vehicle attempting a prohibited left turn onto Sycamore Street from Diamond, according to field personnel observing the incident.

The Department of Public Utilities announcement stated that the driver was unresponsive to redirection, to ease traffic flow.

Under normal construction traffic conditions, Public Works Project Manager Rey Gonzales reported an average 21 minute travel period  from the  Golf Course entrance to 38th/Arkansas Signal, and 7-8 minute travel period from 38th/Arkansas Light to the Sandia signal.  The single occurrence appears to have compounded delay time by adding 22 minutes.

Project Manager Rey Gonzales of the Public Works Department explained this morning that the biggest contributing factor to the traffic delays is the inability of drivers to make left hand turns due to the closure of North Road.

The utilities work on North Road, which closed Aug. 11, was expected to take seven to eight days, Gonzales said. However, conflicts were discovered with old lines, some abandoned and others functional that have to be re-routed, he said. The work is expected to take another week or so and once complete, left turns will resume and the delays should lesson considerably, he said.