A monster bash

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By Quninn McCulloch

My Score: 3.5/5 kernels

A group of college age hipsters is throwing a going away party for a dear friend named Rob who will be leaving to take a business position in Japan. One of Rob’s friends has been tasked with video-taping the party and last goodbyes of all of the guests. The entire movie is told from this camera’s point of view.Amidst an emotional evening of farewells and unresolved affairs, the group suddenly finds that the city is in serious trouble. An earthquake shakes the party up. A building across Manhattan bursts into flames. Another building nearby crumbles to the ground, shedding ashes and dust all throughout the streets. It isn’t long before we discover that wicked creatures are destroying the city, and the characters are catapulted into a life or death situation where every precious moment could be their last. In contrast to a movie like “Blair Witch Project,” and despite the deceptively simple cinematography, this is by no means a low budget movie. Director Matt Reeves takes the first person perspective to a whole new level with cutting edge effects and sound editing. You’ve probably seen the previews on TV where the head of the Statue of Liberty comes barreling down a Manhattan street and a building is reduced to a large mass of flames and fireballs. These images are just glimpses into the grandiosity of the story as a whole.Some people were very disappointed with the ending, and thought that it left too many questions unanswered. Admittedly, “Cloverfield” ends abruptly, but it does so in a way that is true to the rest of the movie. What I mean here is that the movie is not about New York City, or about how the government handled a catastrophic situation, or about what kind of things were attacking the city. The movie takes on a perspective that is on the ground and follows the very personal story of a few civilians. So in this regard, one can’t expect that the movie will end up with a perfect explanation of everything that happened. Many questions were left unanswered, but in this particular case the confusion was ingenious.At various times it felt like there could have been a little more depth to the characters. The character motives and the dialog sometimes felt a bit light, but the script keeps things moving so fast and the action sequences are so breathtaking that one hardly has time to dwell on any fine details here. Drew Goddard, a native of Los Alamos, cleverly wrote the screenplay. This has been an amazing year for movies as there have been so many great films that have been released. “Cloverfield” is no exception and should definitely be on peoples’ list of flicks to see soon. Awesome job, Drew Goddard!