Moniz: 'Irresponsible' countries are a threat

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DOE > Secretary seeks nearly $30B in FY16 budget

By The Staff

Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the United States could face “grave danger” from foreign entities in his response to President Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy.
Of particular concern to the DOE, Moniz said, was the proliferation of nuclear weapons by “irresponsible” foreign states and terrorists.
The strategy highlighted several points, number one of which was the advancement of the “security of the United States, its citizens and U.S. allies.”
The NSS was presented by National Security Advisor Susan Rice Friday at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.
Among the most important aims of national security, outlined in the president’s strategy were maintaining a strong national defense, reinforcing homeland security, developing the capacity to prevent, detect and respond to biological threats and striving for a world without nuclear weapons.
In addition, the NSS states the importance of ensuring nuclear materials “don’t fall into the wrong hands.”
Moniz said he was behind the strategy outlined.
“While President Obama continues to seek a world without nuclear weapons, he has been equally clear that as long as nuclear weapons exist, the United States must invest the resources necessary to maintain — without testing — a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent,” Moniz said in a statement.
Among the other goals outlined in the president’s strategy were growing a strong economy, advancing respect for “universal values” at home and abroad and pursuing a stable Middle East and North Africa.
This month, the DOE requested $29.9 billion from the government for FY 2016, which includes $12.6 billion for the National Nuclear Security Administration. Of the NNSA’s requested funds, $8.8 billion of which would be used for weapons activities which would, according to the DOE’s request, go toward maintaining “a credible and effective nuclear deterrent, while continuing to reduce the size of the active stockpile.”
Another $1.9 billion would be used for Defense Nuclear Noproliferation activities, which includes securing or eliminating nuclear and radiological materials worldwide.