Monitor has become a useless newspaper

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 A “story” in your March 25, 2009, edition stated, “Rumors were running rampant this morning” about the fate of the Mountain Elementary School principal.

Really? Were rumors really running so rampant that the Monitor felt it necessary to go to press with pure, unsubstantiated innuendo? If these rumors presented such compelling evidence of the veracity of the story’s premise, why didn’t the story include any facts or confirmatory statements by credible sources? The story as it appeared was reminiscent of the worst type of tabloid journalism. Most likely it would not have passed muster in an introductory news writing class at even the most Podunk of junior colleges. What a shame.

Our community desperately needs a newspaper. Unfortunately for Los Alamos, the Monitor has gotten as far away from being a credible source of news as I have seen during my several decades of living here. I have tried to forgive the Monitor for its steady stream of fact errors, omissions of important coverage and lack of timeliness or enterprise in calling attention to emerging issues.

But I cannot forgive the paper for the lurid tabloid practice of printing rumors and damaging the reputation of a good man who may or may not be in jeopardy of losing his job. Contemplating printing such trash is one thing; actually doing it shows an alarming lack of judgment on the part of the newspaper and its staff.

As a journalist and someone who has always been a staunch defender and supporter of newspapers, it pains me to admit that if the Los Alamos Monitor followed the national trend of folding like so may other papers have across the nation, I actually think our community would be better off.

Los Alamos