Monitor endorses primary candidates

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By The Staff

The Monitor will continue its tradition of recommendations in election races, this year making some suggestions for the primary – in which early voting has already begun.

The Monitor editorial board was not unanimous in its recommendations, and that will be noted when pertinent. And we will not comment on uncontested races.

In the race for the U.S. House seat in the Third District, the board was divided between Don Wiviott and Harry Montoya in the Democratic primary.

Both men have strong backgrounds, with a lot of maturity behind them. They have dealt with issues of business and government and have a broad breath of experience.

In the end, however, we recommend Montoya to voters. He has more governmental experience and a wider range of knowledge of northern New Mexico.

Given that our next Congressional delegation will be all rookies, we need to send someone who can hit the ground running the fastest and we believe from the Democratic side, that is Montoya.

The Monitor recommends Harry Montoya in the Democratic primary.

On the Republican side of the House primary, we recommend Marco Gonzales.

He clearly has the experience, knowledge and contacts to do the job. And he will need the shortest training time – something we simply can’t afford this time given the dynamics of our new delegation.

In the Republican primary, the Monitor recommends Marco Gonzales.

In the Senate race, the editorial board was deeply divided.

Both Rep. Heather Wilson and Rep. Steve Pearce have the experience and ability to do the job. Both have similar views on the issues. Both have strong personalities and views.

Both are good people who would do a good job for the state. But only one can advance to the next round.

So a divided Monitor board recommends Steve Pearce for election in the Republican primary.

There were feelings that Wilson was too negative, too much in attack mode. She sometimes seems to want to dwell on the other person’s negatives – real or imagined – than on her own good qualities – of which there are many.

Pearce – love him or hate him – stands on his principles and beliefs – even if it might hurt some in his district. If no one in government is will to stand up and say no to this project or that project, nothing will ever be cut and the federal deficit will continue to grow and grow and our debt will be worse and worse.

Pearce is willing to stand up and say no. That is rare and to his credit.

So we recommend Steve Pearce in the Republican primary.