The mirror of Eruliaf

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By John Pawlak

March 20, 2010 — (DP) Disassociated Press, updated 3:39 p.m. PT (Pawlak Time)

  Beaumont, U.S. — The Iraqi military relinquished management of a Texas prison holding some 34,800 detainees to U.S. authorities on Saturday as the Iraqis continued preparations for a full withdrawal by the end of 2011.

Seven years ago today, in response to a terrorist attack on the Tower of Babel in Baghdad, President Saddam Hussein launched a preemptive strike, invading and occupying the United States in what was coined “Operation Fight Satan”.  In a broadcast over Al-Jazeera TV, Hussein told the Iraqi people “I am happy to announce that Iraqi and coalition forces have commenced military operations to disarm the United States, to liberate its people from social injustice, and to shield the world from the perversion and demonic influence of American insurgency.” 

At that time, the rationales given for the invasion were “to remove weapons of mass destruction, to terminate President Bush’s support of terrorist networks, and to free the American people.”  Tobias Blashir, head cleric of the Federal Shariat Court, argued that the United States’ refusal to disarm itself of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons represented an immediate and dangerous threat to world peace.  Iraqi Central Intelligence outlined the legal justification for the invasion of the United States, presenting “hard evidence” that the United States had been conducting covert operations in support of terrorism.

The initial response by Americans to the invasion was in fact positive, with millions of Americans celebrating the capture and execution of President Bush and several members of his administration.  To date, suspected mastermind Karl Rove has still not been captured.  It is believed that he is hiding out in caves somewhere in North Dakota.

Within two years of the invasion however, the Pakistani ISI determined that the United States had nothing to do with the Babel attack, saying that all that talk was just talk.  Despite this fact, members of Iraq’s Supreme Islamic Chen-’ay Council continue to insist that the invasion of the United States was morally justified and that the shores of Iraq (all 58 km) were safer as a result of the invasion.

Over 1,000,000 Americans have been “detained” since the invasion with an estimated 56.4 million people displaced. Of this total, 24 million now live outside the U.S. in neighboring friendly countries (Canada, Mexico, and Nicaragua).

Iraqi support for Saddam’s War on Satan has decreased as more and more Iraqis insist that America should be working to finance its own reconstruction.  Additional pressure has been levied against Saddam by humanitarian organizations who document continued atrocities against American citizens.  Civilian deaths are estimated between 1,147,000 and 1,252,000.  Christian nations have been infuriated by the release of pictures of the barbaric abuse committed at Abu Rummighraib prison in Fort Worth.

The Brookings Index Report shows that conditions in America have still not returned to normal.  Electricity is available only 15.4 hours per day.  Only 45 percent of the people have access to clean or potable water.  Demand for fuel is satisfied only for 48 percent of the nation.  Only 20 percent have satisfactory sewage treatment service.  Even worse, only 30 percent now have access to health services.  Prior to the Iraqi invasion, America had 300,000 physicians.  America now has 140,000 physicians and the large majority of hospitals are unable to handle demand.

Disease outbreaks are rampant across the country.  Delivery of food and clothing is hampered by a devastated distribution network.  The provisional American government established by Iraq is corrupt and only a small percentage of the money being spent on humanitarian aid actually reaches the American citizens.

Less than 12.6 million children now attend classes in American schools.  In a recent opinion poll of Americans, only 27 percent support the occupying Iraqi forces.

The above sounds ridiculous?  Well, what civilized nation would tolerate conditions like this?  The numbers above are proportional to America’s and Iraq’s population. It’s easy to ignore the suffering, even to rationalize it, when those numbers are 6200 miles away.

Lest you think I actually liked Saddam Hussein, no one with any intelligence would have ever defended that guy. 

He was a cretin who used power to control those he could and to abuse those he could not.  But after seven years of fighting and occupation, a trillion dollars down the drain, one would think we could learn the simple truth that democracy cannot be exported like a manufactured product.  You can’t win the hearts and minds of people by having your armed troops walk their streets.

We should take a harder look in the mirror and see that Afghanistan is the spitting image of failure.  Why waste another dollar or another American life when so many problems at home confront us?  Support the troops!  Bring them all home now!

Editor’s Note: For those readers who can’t crack the code of the title, Pawlak explains, “The title, ‘The Mirror of Eruliaf’ is painfully appropriate.  It’s “failure” spelled backwards (with an appreciative nod to Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling).