Miller deserved inclusion

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

KOB-TV Channel 4 excluded independent candidate Carol Miller from its 3rd Congressional District debate October 25, giving the fraudulent impression that only a Democrat and a Republican are seeking this office. In my view this action is an illegal limitation of the public’s right to be informed of and access all certified candidates. This is not Primary season; Miller is on the November ballot. What do FCC-licensed KOB and the two major parties have to say about this misrepresentation?

Until federal election law can assure public access to a wide range of candidates, I urge the N.M. Legislature to create an open June Primary using ranked-choice voting. For each office all party and non-aligned candidates would be reduced to two for November’s General Election. I also urge the Legislature to adopt equitable media rules, campaign spending caps, modest public financing for general election candidates and elimination of all political contributions except those by individual citizens.

I consider political non-alignment a plus for New Mexico representation in Congress. In my view the policies that best serve New Mexico citizens have nothing to do with party affiliation: reduction and then elimination of nuclear weapons, a truly renewable and sustainable energy grid (not nuclear), a commitment to health care (not insurance company profits), robust public education (not vouchers), mortgage lending regulation and affordable amortization rates (not mega-bank bail outs), anti-terror and foreign policy based on self-determination and justice (not pre-emptive military occupation). Making these policies a reality requires a representative with an open mind, capable of research, not tied to party, PAC, union, or corporate contributions, but responsive only to the needs of average citizens and the planet.

In order to further the public’s access to and consideration of a wide range of candidates, I urge enactment by the New Mexico Legislature of an open June primary (all qualified party and non-aligned candidates) employing ranked-choice voting, with the top two candidates progressing to the November general election. To further level the election playing field so that election power resides with citizens, I urge the Legislature to adopt campaign spending limits for primaries and modest public campaign financing for general election candidates, while eliminating all political contributions except those by individual citizens.

Santa Fe