To the men of Los Alamos

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

This letter is organized in two sections. The first addresses the young men. The second is to the men who teach them.

To the young men:

 I was out this morning and decided to jog around Ashley pond. After a lap, I got tried of seeing all the trash. So, I started to pick it up. On the second lap, I noticed a condom wrapper, then a condom, then another. Here is the story that unfolds in my head.

A group of students, excited to celebrate the end of the first week of school meet at the pond after the Friday night concert. They are high on caffeine and can’t sleep (I assume this because of all the Starbuck’s cups littering the ground). One young man, sees the girl that makes him feel funny in gym class and remembers the condoms he carries in his wallet.

1) Good for using a condom

2) Condoms should not be kept in your wallet

3) Be a man and take your used condom(s) with you

4) If you get arrested next time, it’s not because the police are out to get you. It is because people like me are tired of seeing your gross refuse.

To the adults:

Teach your sons, nephews, and younger brothers that if they are “adult” enough to be using condoms; they should be adult enough to clean up after themselves. It’s like asking them to put their toys away after playing. Please ask them to be good citizens and clean up after themselves.

James Thrasher

Los Alamos