Memo to teens: Show up to meeting

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Hey Teens, on January 17, I went to the final Phase One public meeting for the new Los Alamos Teen Center. I, along with lots of other teens and adults, learned lots of information on what the new teen center is going to look like, what it’s going to provide, and where it’s going to be – behind the Quest Building across from Ashley Pond.
 Everybody voted on either of two options: Path of Discovery or Prism. Path of Discovery will have circular features, and Prism will be very angular.
Both options will have inside and outside decks, a snack area, a performing arts area, loud spaces, chill spaces, quiet spaces, and a multi-purpose area.
 Each option will have a computer lab, a study area, a classroom, an art studio, a video room, and a game room. There will be a recording studio and a black box production space with a green screen. They’re also going to have an area for outdoor concerts, picnics and BBQs, and activities like basketball and stuff.
 Both options will be about 18,000 square feet – that’s 2,000 square feet bigger than the Senior Center!
The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 23, at 5:15 p.m., in County Council Chambers. The County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Evaluation and Oversight Committee will conduct this public hearing on the Phase 2 (Design/Construction) application.  In addition to the written and presented application, the public will be able to make comments. Then, the committee will make recommendations by the end of the meeting on whether they should move on to Phase 2.  These results will be given to the county administrator, who we hope will send the project to the county council for its consideration and funding.
It’s really important that people, especially lots of teens, show up for this meeting. You need to give your input and show your support for a new Teen Center.  Thank you.

Taylor Tremblay
Los Alamos