Medicare train wreck's coming

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When a train is heading into a known train wreck, but a switch will allow it to continue on a different tack and avoid the train wreck, should fear or courage allow us to dictate the course of that train?
I am a consumer of Medicare dollars, spending approximately $35,000 to $70,000 per year for my medical condition. Let’s look at the facts instead of the myths surrounding Medicare reform.
•Medicare in its current form, will be bankrupt before 2020. Every report confirms that  Medicare spends more money than it takes in. The train wreck is coming. The checks will stop.
•Democrats are cutting more money from Medicare through Obamacare, which cut $500 billion from the starving program. Obama himself is touting a  ‘jobs’ bill that will cut another $400 billion plus.
•Democrats have not proposed any plan to save Medicare.
•The House of Representatives has passed a plan to restructure and save Medicare. This is the switch to avoid the train wreck.
• The senate sits on this bill.
Therefore, it appears that Democrats want the train wreck. House Republicans proposed a solution to help my life and all our health.
Without intervention, our children and grandchildren will pay the Medicare bill and  receive no benefit from the debt incurred.
Have the courage to switch the  train from the inevitable train wreck that is Medicare currently.
Support  quality Medicare reform to continue to provide health care benefits. Call  your senators!

Paul Kressin
Los Alamos