Media to be or media not to be

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By The Staff

KRSN AM 1490 is Los Alamos’ radio station. It has been here since 1947.

It has been a part of the fabric of this community for 63 years. It entertained Manhattan scientists after long days of inquiry. It grew to include news, sports and entertainment. It grew to be “the talk of the town.” It is a piece of living history continuing to bring you news, sports and entertainment.

KRSN AM 1490 is an independently owned and operated radio station serving the interests of Los Alamos to the best of its ability. It is the New Mexico Broadcasters and AP station of the year 2010 Division 4. It continues to strive to bring you local news, weather, sports and entertainment.  

KRSN brings you live coverage of Los Alamos High School sports. It is a real privilege for our students to have their sports games broadcast on the radio. They are simulcast on the Web for anyone to know how great our athletes are. Our sportscaster, Gene Mortensen, has been broadcasting for KRSN for more than 25 years and is a member of the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

KRSN interviews county councilors, Los Alamos County employees, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists, historians, authors and politicians to address issues and events of Los Alamos.  

Of course, it really does not matter what we do or how well we do it if you cannot hear us. Our current antenna is located at N.M. 4 and Pajarito Road and is not in FCC compliance.  

Simply put, KRSN needs an antenna at the elevation of Los Alamos to be able to continue to serve you. We believe we have found the best possible solution by renting from Los Alamos Public Schools a portion of the property located across from Los Alamos Middle School. It gives money to LAPS, allows all of Los Alamos to receive KRSN reception, is in compliance with LAC zoning codes and it is in FCC compliance.

It took a lot of time, work and money to arrive at this destination. If the County of Los Alamos Planning and Zoning Board chooses to not allow this antenna project to move forward, KRSN will close. This is as much time, work and money that we can devote to saving a piece of Los Alamos history if the governing boards of this community do not choose to see it as a savable asset of our town.

Each time a local media source is lost, the individual’s voice is diluted into the regional coverage. Our sports will not be broadcast. Our politicians will not be interviewed. Your chance of being heard is diminished. Do you want your voice smaller and quieter?  

Media to be or Media not to be? KRSN’s Planning and Zoning meeting is 5:30 p.m., Wednesday in the Community Building. Please come to convince our appointed board members that KRSN has the right to remain Los Alamos’ radio station.

Gillian Sutton is the

owner/general manager of KRSN AM 1490.