MBSC selects weighting criteria

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By Jennifer Garcia

Work for the Municipal Building Siting Committee is well underway.

The group of 16 has three meetings under their belts and seem to be on their way to figuring out the best-suited spot for a new municipal building.

Assistant County Administrator Anthony Mortillaro sent out letters to Los Alamos County landowners, asking them to submit applications if they’d like to have their land considered by the committee as a possible site for a new municipal building.

With the deadline for applications having ended at the end of June, the committee now has 23 sites to consider.

During their third meeting held on Thursday, the committee finalized the weighting criteria that will help members narrow the list of possible sites down to the ones they believe are best suited for the development.

The committee will assign each criterion a weighting and individual sites will be scored using the criteria and scoring system.

“The committee decided to accept the weighting criterion,” County Planner Paul Belson said. “They voted unanimously to accept the weighting. I think the committee is very positive and very committed by their actions and their intent on conducting an open process for the selection of a site.”

Belson said during the meeting there was a brief mention of whether the committee could make a motion to eliminate some of the sites, but it was agreed that they’d go through a scoring process for all the sites.

“At the next meeting, we’ll get the results of the straw poll and go from there,” he said.

Belson said the committee took home a straw poll of all the sites and the results of that poll will be revealed at the next meeting.

“I think there will be some discussion,” Belson said. “They’ll do a take-home exercise and rate the sites against the criteria.They’ll turn it in. They’ll discuss whether they can accept scoring or do a more formal vote at the time. So far, it’s (the process) going very well.”

The next meeting will be held on July 23 and will include site selection discussions and straw poll #1 of all sites using criteria. Also, approximately three sites will be selected for consultant analysis.

The Municipal Building Steering Committee meets from 6-7:30 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month. Meetings are held in council chambers at the community building on 20th Street. Questions or comments should be directed to Belson at 663-1759 or paul.Belson@lacnm.us.

The sites the committee will consider are as follows:

Sites 1,2 and 3: Ashley Pond

Site 4: Farmers Market parking lot, Central Avenue

Site 5: Lavy Lane/Trinity Drive

Site 6: LA Apartments site, Central/Iris/9th St.

Site 7: Trinity Place site

Sites 8,9: White Rock A19 Parcel/Piñon Park site

Site 10: White Rock Rt. 4/Rover

Site 11: Former DOE LA site office/Steam plant site

Site 12: Private, Entrada Lot 6B/Route 502

Site 13: Private: 1247 Central and 1360-1372 Trinity (commercial buildings across from LA Apartments)

Site 14: Private 1455 + 1315, 1319 Trinity Shrine Club, Hill Diner

Site 15: Private 1075 Myrtle; apts. Myrtle through to Iris St.

Site 16: Private: 1455 Trinity, LA Shrine Club site only

Site 17: Private: 99 DP Road and 100 DP Road at 6th, commercial buildings

Site 18: Private: 1650 Trinity Drive commercial building, corner of Trinity/Deacon/15th

Site 19: Private: 1731 Trinity Drive; RPM/Chili Works

Site 20: Private: 1051 11th Street Vista Del Sol apartments (Iris St. frontage)

Site 21: Private: 1211 11th Street Desert Gold apartments

Site 22: Private: 1315-1319 Trinity Lane, Hill Diner site only

Site 23: Private: Shell station, corner of Trinity and Oppenheimer