Maxwell Goldblatt

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By The Staff

GOLDBLATT Maxwell Goldblatt, born June 13th, 1916 in Chicago, Illinois, died on Dec. 18th, 07 at the age of 91 yrs. Maxwell came to Los Alamos on March 8th, 1944, as a Chemist with the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now LANL) from the University of Chicago and worked at CNC-4/INC-4, CMF Division, and TA-46. He married Audrey Ann Ritchie in 1951 and they had 3 children daughter Cynthia Ann Goldblatt, Ph.D., living in Alb., NM, with her partner Peter Swedenborg; son Evan Louis, living in Santa Cruz, Cal.; and the first born daughter, Jane, who is deceased. Maxs wife Audrey Goldblatt died in 1992.

Maxwell was the oldest son of 4 children, born to Lillian Goldstein Goldblatt and Albert Goldblatt. Maxs next brother, Irwin Goldblatt, recently died in 07 and his 3rd brother, Thomas, died in 02. Maxwell is survived by his 2nd brother, Herbert, in Chicago, Ill., as well as many nieces and nephews and a large extended family in Chicago. Maxwell was also loved and appreciated by his in-laws Jane Giblin Ritchie and Ernest Ritchie, Sr. (Audreys parents); Skip Green Ritchie and Ernest Ritchie, Jr., both deceased, and their surviving adult children in Cal. Diane, David, and Allison Ritchie.

Maxwell loved his wife, his family, and his work. He loved Science and being a Chemist in the Labs. He participated in the development of the use of the power locked up in the nucleus. He loved traveling throughout the World with his wife, Audrey.

Maxwell worked on the use of Highly Enriched Multiply Labeled Stable Isotopic Compounds as Atmospheric Tracers; Isotope Separation at DP-West; High Temperature Viscosity Ratios for Xenon (1970); the Synthesis of Oxygen-18 Enriched Phenol and Naphthol from Oxygen-18; Selenium and Compounds/The Analytical Chemistry of Selenium; Carbon-13 Production at DP-West; ICONS Development at TA-46, etc.authoring numerous articles and publications. He enjoyed working with his co-workers/friends and having a productive and interesting, full life in Los Alamos, NM.

Maxwell was one of the original founders of Bnai Brith Lodge and one of the original signatories of the Los Alamos Synagogue in 1948.

We wish to thank the Los Alamos Medical CenterDr. James Ziomek, all his Nurses; Carl (the O.T.); The Aspen Ridge Nursing Staff, who treated Max with care and dignity (Gal, Erica, Fran, Shihui, Gilda, Daisy, Marie, Eva, Kaye, Christine, Barbara, Anna, Sabra, Cynthia). Much appreciation goes to the Aspen Ridge StaffEdwardo, Joyce, Bonnie, Betty, Vickie, Mary Y., the cooks, the Aides, the van-drivers, John, the care-givers and kitchen staff (Deedee, Anna, Tracey, Lourdes, Maria, Marlene, Josh, Benjamin, et al.) Thank-you to the many friends that he made at the Dorm of Aspen Ridge since 04. Maxwells sense of humor and his tenacity at valuing life will be remembered.

The Memorial Service is scheduled for Friday, January 4th, 08 at 10 am at Aspen Ridge Lodge, at 1010 Sombrillo Court, Los Alamos, NM 87544. A reception will follow the service.