Math could help on Diamond

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

During rush hour each morning, there is a mile-long backup of traffic from the intersection of Diamond Drive and 38th-Arkansas east through the Golf Club. During the 5 p.m. rush hour, there is a backup on Diamond toward the high school. Often, there are no cars waiting on 38th or Arkansas. A couple of weeks ago, I called the county traffic division and explained that they need to set the signal lights so that they would provide longer time intervals for Diamond Drive during rush hour. The lady told me that they understood the problem. We still have the same congestion, and we may continue to have it for many months, unless the county does something about it.

When there are 60 cars backed up on Diamond, there are typically two or three cars waiting on 38th or Arkansas. This morning, there were two cars waiting on 38th and no cars on Arkansas when I passed by. When the light turns green for 38th Street traffic, the two or three cars move out, and then we just sit there for a long time, while no cars are moving any direction.

It is a matter of simple arithmetic. If 10 times as many cars are driving on Diamond, then the lights should be green 10 times as long for Diamond as they are for 38th-Arkansas. If the traffic division does not know how to set the lights, there is another solution. Each morning, I see some of the workers standing around doing nothing (one recent morning I saw five workers leaning on their shovels at 8:20 a.m., not yet break time). The county could use the taxpayers money more effectively by having one of the men stand at the traffic light computer and push a button to change the lights during rush hour.

Melvin Prueitt

Los Alamos