Mastering the art of closet feng shui

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Last weekend, I jumped into some spring cleaning action and cleaned out my closet. Mind you, with a closet as full as mine, it took about two hours, which is a new record for me. I mainly cleaned up my closet, but cleaning it out is something completely different and much more tedious.
When cleaning out your closet, you should be meticulous. Start off with getting two plastic trash bags, two relatively large totes and a large duffel bag. You must look at every single item in your closet and try it on if you are not sure about it, before you decide what stays and what goes.
If the article of clothing has reached the end of its lifetime and cannot be saved, put it in the first trash bag to be thrown away.
If the article of clothing does not fit at all or you do not like it anymore, put it in the second trash bag, to send to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
If the piece of clothing does not fit perfectly, but you still like it, put it in the first tote bag to be taken to a tailor.
If the article of clothing is something you do not like anymore, but would want to give it to a friend or relative, put it in the second tote bag.
If the piece of clothing goes in the large duffel bag, it means that you cannot throw it out just yet, but you are not sure about it. Put the large duffel bag somewhere hidden from your view, like under your bed or in your closet. After a month or two, get it back out. If there was something in it that you really missed, take it out and put it back in your closet. If it is a definite “no,” throw it out, give it to someone else, or donate it to a thrift store.
The next step is organizing your closet. Folding everything neatly is a no-brainer, but after that, sort all of the different types of clothes into sections. You can have your clothes all on hangers, on shelves, or both.
Put all of the jeans in one section, all of the tank tops in another, all of the skirts in another section and so forth. Once you have done that, sort each section by color, especially the shirts. You will suddenly notice that you may have a lot of one color of shirt, and not a lot in another color. Keep that in mind the next time you go shopping for new clothes. Remember, most things can be placed on hangers, but knitwear cannot because it will stretch.
When it comes to what clothes to hang where, you can keep your prom dresses or formal dresses toward the back of your closet, so you can have your most frequently used pieces at the front.
I don’t know about you, but honestly, this organization lasts for about a month or two for me and then needs to be done all over again. It’s a drag, so try to keep it organized all of the time.  
Closet feng shui, as I like to call it, is a fantastic way to refresh yourself and your closet!

--Alexandra Hehlen