Massacres becoming commonplace

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By John Pawlak

Dear Editor,

March 5 marked the 238th anniversary of the Boston Massacre (1770). The date came and went with little fanfare. March 5 also marked the Financial Massacre of Bush’s War on Error at a nice even cost of $500 billion. This event likewise came and went with equally little fanfare. I guess massacres just don't rate in the news like they used to.With all the “success” we’re having in Iraq, it just doesn’t seem to bother Bush that we’re now spending nearly $400 million a day. Perhaps the problem is that few people can really appreciate how much money this is. The numbers are simply too large.Well, let's see. You want to send your kid to college? At an average cost of $30,000 per year, your kid’s four years at college equates to 27 seconds of Bush’s spending. Yeah, that’s right. By the time you finish reading this letter, Bush could have sent your kid to college. It has to make you wonder: If McCain gets elected, where will we be on August 25, 2011? Do the math. The cost of the war, which no doubt will be equally “successful” (and still going full storm) will hit a nice even $1 trillion.Nice to see your tax dollars at work, eh?John PawlakLos Alamos