'Marty' shouldn't be blamed

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I’m disappointed that the Los Alamos Monitor would run an article about “Shock on the Rock”. I understand the sensitivity of the situation, but the “Rock” is public property. The story was unfair to the party who painted the rock “Marty makes 40 look Sporty.”Marty” shouldn’t have to change his birthday.
I remember one time I painted the rock. I had planned it for weeks. It was to welcome members from several states to a private function at Overlook Park on a particular Memorial Day.
I waited until the day before the function. My children and I painted the rock accordingly, but I admit, I felt a little guilty painting over the artwork that was already on the rock. But I did it anyway, feeling obligation to the club to which I had promised I would paint the rock. It didn’t even last 24 hours. Members of the club began arriving the next day, but the rock my kids and I had painted was obliterated by 10 a.m. the morning of the event. I’m glad I got a photo.
So the bottom line is, please don’t make “Marty’s” family feel guilty. Somebody had to do it. And whatever we do, let’s not impose some complicated permitting process for the rock. It’s one of the few true freedoms we have left.
John Stephenson
White Rock