Marr has closest prediction Tuesday

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The competitors at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ Pace Race had several options available to them.
The Pace Race was Tuesday night. The 19 runners and walkers could choose courses from either paved or Satch Cowan and Quemazon trails.
The top predictors came from paved courses. Duane Marr finished with a 24-second error to top this week’s predictions.
Jackie Marr had a 39-second error, followed by Joan Williams (141 seconds) and Zach Medin (151 seconds).
The top finisher on the paved 1-mile course was Jackie Marr with a time of 17:01. Duane Marr had the best finish among men on the paved 1-mile course (17:48).
On the 1-mile trail course, Bob Weeks was the top finisher (18:49), followed by Sue Elkins (18:56).
Medin was the first finisher on the 3-mile paved course (29:31). On the 3-mile trail course, Ted Romero (34:55) and Karen Thorn (54:16) were the top finishers.
The next Pace Race is 6 p.m. Tuesday. The race will be on American Springs Road, about 1-1/2 miles from the Back Gate toward the Valles Caldera.
For more information about the next Pace Race or about the Atomic City Roadrunners, visit the club’s website, atomicrunners.com.