Many may disagree, but feel powerless to speak

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I fear we are moving to another divisive, let’s have another referendum, the leadership of Los Alamos County doesn’t listen, moments.
It’s the Trinity 502 redesign issue!
It strikes me as clear the community is divided. It further strikes me that, unless the wishes of the community as a whole are followed, cynicism and division will continue to rule.
For that to happen, we don’t need:
•Meeting packing by interested groups. I told a community worker that if we wanted, we could get seniors in gray panther sweatshirts to pack a meeting that deeply affected seniors.
That’s the old greasy wheel approach that continues to divide! Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, it happens here.
•We don’t need lawyerly-like unsupported arguments. I was deeply disappointed in the letter by Mr. Greg Kendall in the March 2 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor saying let’s keep Trinity Drive uncomfortable or ugly or unsafe. His aesthetics are his and others may not agree, I found no justification that the change I guess he supports is safer.
What is troubling is the assumption that he knows better and that the “silent majority” he disparages are less than knowledgeable or uninformed.
My experience is that over the past few weeks many disagree but feel powerless to step forward because the voice of what they might see as “the powerful view” will create the “fix is in.”
That whole picture is skewed!
During the campaign for county council, I heard numerous pledges about councilors and even administration and staff being better listeners to the community.
If such promises are unfulfilled, then I fear, here we go again.

Robert A. Nunz
Los Alamos