Manager accuses employee of embezzlement

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Police: Officials try to determine whether crime has occurred

By Tris DeRoma

No one knows for sure what’s going on at the Quizno’s Deli, located at 172 Central Park Square. 

According to police, trouble at the eatery began Aug. 28 when the store’s manager, Pedro Diaz, reported to police that one of the sandwich shop’s employees allegedly stole money from the store.

The alleged theft happened Aug. 27 when an employee named Andrew Martinez showed up at the store complaining that his paycheck bounced. 

According to Diaz, Martinez quit working at the store Aug. 8 and was given his last check Aug. 10. Martinez apparently cashed it Aug. 13. 

On Aug. 27, Diaz apparently paid Martinez $404 out of the cash register to make up for the bounced check. 

However, when Diaz checked the Quizno’s account, he told police Martinez cashed the check well before Diaz gave him the money from the register.

When police interviewed Martinez about the incident, he told authorities the check had bounced but was later processed by the bank after he had received the cash from Diaz. 

He also told police this wasn’t the first time a check from his employer had bounced. He said that as soon as the most recent check bounced he’d talked to Diaz several times about it before going to the store to try and settle things Aug. 27.

And that’s where things stand for now, according to police. Martinez told police he was going to go through his bank records and show that he was right while police have also contacted Quizno’s owner Mike Hood for his financial records.

“What we’re doing right now is trying to determine if this is a civil matter or a criminal matter,” LAPD Capt. Randy Foster said.