Man jailed on forcible sex allegations

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Crime > Woman says assault occured during nightshift

By Tris DeRoma

Police arrested a 29-year-old Los Alamos man for allegedly sexually assaulting another employee while working an overnight shift March 13 at the Chevron station on Trinity Drive.

According to police reports, the suspect Carlos Martinez, allegedly trapped a female co-worker in a walk-in freezer and allegedly abused the victim before letting her go.

Martinez faces three felony sex charges and a kidnapping charge, since he forcefully kept the woman in the freezer until she complied with his demands.

He is currently being held in the Los Alamos Detention Center on a $50,000 cash-only bond, according to Los Alamos Police Department Cmdr. Randy Foster.

Police stated the alleged victim came into the Los Alamos police station March 12 to give a detailed statement about what happened.

She told police that Martinez sexually assaulted her on the night of March 8, the culmination of a series of incidents that made the victim uncomfortable and allegedly sick to her stomach on several occasions.

In warrant documents obtained from Los Alamos Magistrate Court, the victim detailed how Martinez would follow her around at work talking about sex as he also allegedly tried to pressure into her having sex with him.

“During the first shift, Carlos stated (to victim) that she looked tired and that she should come to his house after work to rest and ‘mess around’ if she felt like it,” according to a statement detailed in the warrant. In the same incident, Martinez also allegedly provided a sketch map to his house, which she also flatly refused to accept.

On the eve of the incident, March 7, Martinez’s advances allegedly became more aggressive. At one point during the shift, Martinez allegedly berated her, saying “why don’t you speak English you stupid ...” He also allegedly followed her all over the store “asking for hugs and kisses” according to the warrant.

At one point, the victim again became physically ill and called her supervisor to request leave for the rest of the night. The supervisor told her that she could, but she was going to have to wait for an hour-and-a-half.

The victim told police that she felt bad for her supervisor and decided to work through the rest of her shift that night at the store.

Between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., the victim went to the back of the store and entered the cooler to do some work. A short while later, Martinez then allegedly entered the cooler, propping the door partially open with a chair, according to video evidence obtained by police. The victim then apparently tried to leave, but Martinez kept blocking her way and forcing her back into the cooler.

He then told her that if she would grant him certain sexual favors, he would let her leave. She kept telling him “no,” according to the warrant.

He then told her that he would “call immigration” if she did not do what he wanted. She eventually gave in and Martinez then allegedly forced her to engage in various sexual acts.

She was then allowed to leave, and she allegedly spent the rest of her night shift outside, away from Martinez.

On March 13, Martinez was brought to the police station for an interview. When his side of the story did not match up with the video surveillance tapes, Martinez was arrested.