Make life easier for commuters

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The picture on page 2 in the July 2 paper shows the problem with traffic around the Diamond construction. A while back, there was discussion and a council vote on how the signal at Diamond and Arkansas should be run. The winning vote, that each direction on Diamond should have a dedicated left turn and that only one direction should go at a time, was to give people easier access to the businesses on Arkansas. The side effect of this, of course, is that traffic on Diamond is slowed down horribly.

Since few people are trying to use the Arkansas businesses early in the mornings, how about a compromise to make the morning drive somewhat easier, something that’s done in other cities?

• Put up signs on the Diamond signals that read “No left turn from 7-9 a.m.”

• Reprogram the signal controller to not light the left turn arrows during those hours.

This will certainly help the flow of traffic on Diamond and alleviate some of the detouring of traffic to side streets.

Craig McCluskey

Los Alamos