Lt. Reggie Briggle retires after 20 years of service

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By Carol A. Clark

Retirement ceremonies take on a variety of tones from somber to jubilant. Friday’s ceremony honoring newly retired Los Alamos Police Lt. Reggie Briggle’s ran the gamut.
The standing-room-only crowd assembled in the police station to express their gratitude and say their farewells, joked, weeped and shared many memories with the longtime police officer.
“We’re all here to thank Reggie for his 20 years of absolutely dedicated service to the police department,” Police Chief   Wayne Torpy said. “I came here almost six years ago and Reg was one of the first persons I met. I wasn’t here very long when my mom passed away back in Florida … I left almost immediately for Florida.
“My phone rang as I was leaving the funeral home and it was Reggie – He told me he and others had arrived to be with me for my mom’s funeral. I will never, ever in my life forget that. I can tell you a lot about this man … he represents so much more than a policeman … his caring for the people who work here and the people he served … I can give you a hundred stories of the things he does to make things better around here … We’re going to miss him terribly … He cannot be replaced.”
Acting County Administrator Randy Autio congratulated Briggle describing him as “representative of all of the fine police officers in Los Alamos.”
The county council appointed Briggle to the Los Alamos County DWI Planning Council, where he served for several years. He also has served and volunteered his time on many other projects and community events over the years. Vice Chair Sharon Stover presented Briggle with a Nambe gift on behalf of the Los Alamos County Council for their appreciation to his year’s of service to the county.
“I’ve been looking forward to my retirement for a long time,” Briggle said at the ceremony. “I’m one of the older officers here at the department and feel it’s time to turn over the reins to some of the younger people. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone here in the department as well as all of the people of Los Alamos County – I’ve come to know a great many and consider them to be my friends.”
Briggle, 60, came from Texas and worked in the private sector for 25 years before beginning his career in law enforcement. He described the people in Los Alamos as “the best people in the world” and the people at the LAPD as “the best he’s ever worked with.”
Briggle and wife Beverly have been married 40 years. They have three children and four grandchildren.
“I’m extremely proud of Reggie and I think he’s done an outstanding job,” Beverly said. “He’s loved his work as a police officer and I know it will take some adjusting for him to not wake up and work to put the bad guys away but he deserves this time off now. We’re really looking forward to starting a whole new life.”
The Briggles plan to move to an area north of Dallas, Texas, where Reggie and his parents were born and raised.
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