‘Net surfer injured

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Assault came from out of the dark

By Carol A. Clark

A quiet evening turned nightmarish for an Arkansas man sitting on the lower front steps at UNM-Los Alamos about 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Jerry Plumlee was at the campus capturing a WiFi signal and working on his laptop for about 10 minutes when an instant later he found himself battered and bruised.

“I had heard two kids in the courtyard above and behind where I was sitting on the stairs,” Plumlee said. “I heard what sounded like a very large sidewalk skateboard crossing the courtyard. As I turned in the dark toward the noise, a large book cart struck me in the back, shoulder and left eye socket.”

The impact broke Plumlee’s glasses. He called 911 and reported the incident.

The two kids took off into the darkness before police arrived, he said.

“I called UNM-LA the next morning and a security lady informed me that the two kids had been caught on video camera vandalizing the campus,” he said. “A custodian stated that some kids also had been on the campus the previous weekend involved in horseplay.”

Los Alamos Police Capt. Randy Foster addressed the incident and confirmed that images of the kids were captured on video cameras operating at the campus.

“We are reviewing the video and attempting to identify the suspects and working with the victim in that process so appropriate charges can be filed,” Foster said.

Plumlee explained that his point in talking about the injuries he sustained at the college is to make parents aware of what kids can do when left alone after dark.

“Those kids are at the age where they’ve got to be taught right from wrong,” he said, adding that beside the physical pain he has suffered, he also has to replace his $100 glasses.

Plumlee has been in Los Alamos since March. He is a Radiological Control Technician (RCT) working for a demolition contractor at TA-21 on DP Road. He feared his injured eye had become infected, he said. He also needed the all clear to return to work so he was checked out at LANL’s Occupational Medicine Office Wednesday.  

“They said my eye was bruised but that it would heal.”

Anyone with information about this incident should call the LAPD at 662-8222.