‘An Impending Catastrophe!’

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Those are the words of Dr. Carl Djerassi, the co-creator of the contraceptive pill. He goes on to say that modern families are “wanting to enjoy their shnitzels while leaving the rest of the world to get on with it.” Now, I’m not certain what a “shnitzel” is, but the comment certainly does not sound like a compliment.

Many studies collaborate the following facts in countries which contracept:

• population decline,

• intelligence immigration,

• increase in cervical cancer, and

• devastating ecological effects.

This last fact is particularly disturbing, not that the others aren’t in their own right. Hundreds of tons of hormones are introduced to the environment every year, both from the fabrication of the pill, as well as being excreted from the millions of users. Data clearly shoes a negative impact on fertility both in male humans and male animals! If we are (rightfully) concerned about the carbon footprint of our industries, shouldn’t we be equally concerned with our hormonal footprint of our personal activities?

Los Alamos