Lost bag contains family photos

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

This is a plea to the person, who stole a black and green coaching bag out of our truck in February, to return the bag and its contents. The IPOD and all accessories contained in the bag belonged to Chamisa Elementary and the IPOD has been inventory engraved with CHAMISA ELEM PE 06-07 on the back. If you know anything about the public school budget, you know that there is no money to replace this item. The digital camera belongs to me but it is not so much the camera, but the scan disk, which has pictures of my family and my grandma, who is 94, that I hope to recover. These pictures are irreplaceable, because the whole family is never together and my grandma is elderly. The other things in the bag: the LAHS JV basketball book, JV basketball games on CD and expo markers are of no consequence to you and should have been left with the bag. I don’t know why you chose to steal from me, but I hope you understand that you have taken away more than just material things. The bigger consequence is that I have lost some faith and trust in our community. Please return the items to LAHS, Chamisa or to the police. Cindy BlackLos Alamos