Los Alamos students March for Life

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By Tom Hanlon

Despite the rain and cold temperatures, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Washington, D.C. Jan. 23 for the 39th Annual “March for Life” walk.
Each year, Pro-life rallies are held in cities throughout the United States on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States on Jan. 22, 1974.
The March for Life participants’ goal is to have that decision overturned by the court.
Fourteen Los Alamos high school students and chaperons attended this year’s walk.
The group, sponsored by Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church’s Youth Ministry, joined approximately 250,000 to 400,000 others for the march along Constitution Avenue, past the Capitol Building, to the Supreme Court Building.
The Director of Youth Ministry Eric Horne, said this is the second time the parish has sponsored the trip, having also attended in 2010.
“It’s exciting when young people take part in the political process and show our nation’s leaders that they care.”
Most of the rally’s participants were under the age of 25. High school freshman Samantha Courntey said, “It was amazing and life changing. I didn’t realize how many young people could be in one place believing in same thing, all protesting against pro-choice and the killing of babies.
The march was a mass of people, not a single space in front of you or behind you and all of us supporting the same theme.”
Another freshman, Jacob Marks, said he went to the March for Life because he wanted to make a difference. “I want to stop abortions and this was a really good experience.”
High school junior Sammie Hammon said she went because she believes the marches do make a difference.
“So many people believe that stopping abortion is the right thing to do. It was inspiring.” Another March attendee, high school junior Kathy Lestone, who has attended other March for Life events, said the number of people who believe in the importance of each individual life seems to be growing every year.
Hammon’s sister Andie Hammon, a sophomore, said what impressed her the most was the number of people at the rally and the variety of people attending from all over the country and world.
In addition to attending the March, the group also paid a visit to Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M. He was not in his office on Capitol Hill that day, but they were able to speak with one of Udall’s representatives.
Freshman Rosemary Vigil said, “Talking to our representatives made us feel that we had a little more of a voice than we had before.” Courntey said she hopes the that meeting will make a difference in the legislative process.
“I feel we made a difference.”
All of the students said they hope to attend the 40th March for Life in Washington, D.C. next year.