Los Alamos is one wacky town in which to reside

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There must be something in the water, as Los Alamos plays Whack a Wacko instead of Whack a Mole.  First we’ve got a guy who wants to help Hugo Chavez build a nuclear reactor.  
Then we’ve got a guy who’s so enamored of an obsolete white elephant of a municipal building that he’s named the as yet to be designed new one “The Palace of Malice.”  Next we have a deranged physicist who’s convinced that a warhead, which will never be used has a design defect – he’s waiting for a bed in the state mental hospital.
But the greatest wackiness of all is the plan to destroy Trinity Drive, the main artery through town, to make a bike path by considering “All modes of transportation as equal.”  
That is, by making transportation by automobile as difficult as possible downtown, the County will force the public to ride public transit or bicycles.  Or, most likely, people will avoid the government-imposed inconvenience and not bother going downtown at all, killing what small retail we have.

David W. Thomson
Los Alamos