Los Alamos is losing an institution

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By Ellen Walton

I was saddened to read the Monitor’s article about the closing of Brownell’s camera department and the departure of Eric Johnson from our community.  The camera department of Decol’s, which then continued on successfully to become Brownell’s, has been an institution in this community for as long as I can remember and Eric Johnson became the “go-to” photography expert for all of us.

My family bought three digital cameras from the Brownell’s in the last five years, along with the accessories and each time we left feeling we had bought a quality product with the assurance of great advice for the future.  

One of the cameras needed a switch repair and the advice I received from Eric Johnson and Steve Brownell in dealing with the manufacturer repair facility saved me at least $200.

I also have many lovely photos taken by Eric Johnson on my wedding day and fond memories of visiting with Eric and the “camera guys” while working one summer at EG&G after graduating from college.

Los Alamos will miss Eric and we will miss the camera department at Brownell’s. It is right that we should feel guilty every time we buy something online or out of town that we could have gotten in our own community.  

The price of losing our businesses and with them our town’s identity and long-time citizens is simply too high.

Ellen Walton

Los Alamos