Los Alamos invited to celebrate the American flag Sunday

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By Kirsten Laskey

It’s evolved since it was first created, not to mention traveled. It can be spotted anywhere from Main Street to the moon. Although it’s been torn, stained and burned, it has never ceased to exist.  

With these qualities, the American flag is much like the country it represents so on Sunday the community is invited to join the Elks Lodge No. 2083 at 1 p.m. Sunday at Ashley Pond to celebrate Flag Day.  

During the ceremony, Rep. Jeannette Wallace will read a proclamation of Flag Day on behalf of the governor while Los Alamos County Councilor Mike Wismer will read a proclamation on behalf of the county.

In addition to the Elks, members from the American Legion, League of Women Voters, Knights of Columbus and Boy Scouts will participate.

Participants can learn about the history of the flag as well as the significance in the way the American flag is folded.

Afterwards, attendees are welcome to help themselves to chips,  hot dogs and beverages at the Elks Lodge, which is located at 1601 Trinity near Sonic.

Rich Kieltyka, leading knight, encourages everyone to participate.

“It’s a great day for the community to come out … learn about the flag, learn a little bit of history.”

Flag Day is more than a  social occasion, it’s an opportunity to pay respects to the symbol of America.

“To me, it’s the emblem of freedom and unity in our country. It’s important to remember our heritage …. There’s so many people who sacrificed so much for us and the flag symbolizes all that,” Kieltyka said.

Besides, people may learn something new about their country’s flag. For instance, Kieltyka said the country originally adopted the pine tree flag used for colonial ships.

Additionally, the southern colonies used a snake flag from 1767-1777.

Eventually the country was lead to the continental colors flag, which featured 13 stars in a circle. These flag evolved into the one seen today.

Locally, Flag Day also has had a long history. Kieltyka said the community has celebrated for as long as he can remember.

 The Elks started Flag Day in the early part of century.